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Mindset: Aligning Your Inside with Your Actions

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: What can you do to reach your health goals?
Air Date: 7/25/17
Duration: 24:36
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Kristen Howe, Coach
Kristen HoweKristen Howe is known as the “Go Big Coach”, her high performance coaching has helped multiple companies hit the million dollar mark (and beyond), and has also helped many private clients transform from being stuck and defeated to living empowered, passionate ‘lives of their dreams’.

Kristen is the creator of multiple self-study success and happiness programs that are used by thousands of people worldwide. Her online magazine The Law of Attraction Key reaches over 100,000 people and she's interviewed over 150 masters of effortless manifestation.

For the past 15 years Kristen has dedicated herself to mastering the art of “Going Big One Small Step at a Time” by combining Universal Laws with proven success strategies. Her mission is to help you transcend “success questing” and expand into dynamic joyful fulfilled living instead.

Mindset: Aligning Your Inside with Your Actions
Chronic health issues are on the rise. It’s a challenge to reach even the smallest health goals. Why is it so hard to change eating and fitness habits?

Your mindset can open you up to opportunity. The energy you’re transmitting needs to match the energy you want. If you’re projecting negativity, success is difficult. Your engagement with the limiting belief gets you off track.

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you’re trying to make changes. Break things down a little bit more so you can reach your targets. Reward yourself for accomplishing the small steps that lead to the bigger steps.

Listen as coach Kristen Howe joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how you can work on your goals while being kind to yourself.