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10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress

From the Show: Mindful Medicine
Summary: Learn how to break unhealthy habits that develop under stress.
Air Date: 4/2/19
Duration: 23:46
Host: Holly Lucille, RN, ND
Guest Bio: Rosemary Lombardy, Author
Rosemary LombardyRosemary Lombardy is a financial advisor with over 35 years of experience. Although her professional expertise is in financial matters, her perspective on marital abuse, divorce, and recovery is deeply heartfelt and holistic. She draws on decades of personal experience, as well as the experiences of others who have gone through similar situations, to help inform abused women so that they will become empowered to leave their abusers and begin to heal.

Her former background in law, as well as being both a Catholic who has studied the Kabbalah and a Reiki master, have enabled her to provide practical guidance and spiritual techniques that women can use when they most need them. Her intention with Breaking Bondsis to offer a comprehensive plan to foster self-awareness, self-responsibility, empowerment, and critical thinking so that women can break the cycle of abuse in their families and truly heal to transform their lives.
  • Book Title: Breaking Bonds
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10 Ways to End Bad Habits During Times of Stress
It’s not uncommon to develop negative habits as a way to cope with daily stress and disappointments.

Some women drown their sorrows in food or alcohol. Others numb themselves in front of the television or complain endlessly to friends without making any effort to change their situation. 

Willpower alone is not enough to change deeply entrenched habits. We must learn how to change habits by stopping to breathe, taking care of our bodies, remaining present, and celebrating little successes. 

Rosemary Lombardy shares her experience with marital abuse and tactics she used to break bad habits, find self-worth and replace every bad habit with a good one.

Listen as Rosemary joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss breaking bad habits with mindfulness.