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Alonso is a long-time health and wellness advocate who loves to write about it. His writing spans the scope of blogs, educational magazines, and books, both on and offline.
A Woman's Heart Attack: When Can You Get Back to Normal Life?
Even though you may be aware of all the ways you can prevent a heart attack, what about if you've already had a heart attack... what happens next?
How to Make Online Dating Really Work for You
Research shows that the period between January and Valentine's Day is the most active online dating season of the year.
Low Libido? Foods that Naturally Boost Your Sex Drive
If you're just not in the mood, you may want to consider eating certain foods to help boost your sex drive.
Endometrial Ablation: The End of Your Heavy Menstruation?
A procedure that destroys your uterine lining can help lighten up your flow, but does it have any risks?
Acetaminophen & NSAIDs: What's the Difference?
Acetaminophen and NSAIDs are the two most common pain reliever medications.

How to Use NSAIDs Safely

Thursday, 05 February 2015
How to Use NSAIDs Safely
NSAIDs are the most common medication used to ease pain, but are they safe?
Treating Your Cold: 3 Reasons Why Your Zinc Lozenges Fail
Doctors used to suggest zinc to help shorten the length of your cold, but does it really help?
Does Your Birth Control Pill Make You Fat?
The most popular form of contraceptive could be the reason for you inability to lose weight.

The Sucrose Debate: Natural vs. Added

Wednesday, 04 February 2015
The Sucrose Debate: Natural vs. Added
Do natural sugars pose the same threat to your health as added sugars?
Hitting the Road? Tips for Healthy, Germ-Free Travel
A study found that people with a cold who stayed in a hotel room left 35% of the objects in that room covered in germs.