Alonso Chavarriaga

Alonso is a long-time health and wellness advocate who loves to write about it. His writing spans the scope of blogs, educational magazines, and books, both on and offline.

Truth About Soda & Your Child's Health

Wednesday, 04 February 2015
Truth About Soda & Your Child's Health
More and more studies show that too much soda is bad for children.
Baby Food: Is it Loaded with Sodium & Sugar?
Do your kiddos eat commercially prepared foods? They may be loaded with sugar and sodium.
Blueberries Every Day Keep the Doctor Away
Daily blueberry consumption may reduce blood pressure and arterial stiffness. How many blueberries do you need to eat to get these effects?
Nature's Secrets: The Dangers of Fast Weight Loss
Each week host Dr. Susanne Bennett shares with her listeners Nature's Secrets to a healthier body.
10 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid
January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Do you know the important role your thyroid plays in your health?
Is Genetics to Blame for Your Inability to Lose Weight?
The only way to successfully lose weight lies within your genetic makeup.
Nutrition for Cold & Flu Season: Building Your Immune System
While there is no way to cure the common cold or the flu, healthy eating during cold and flu season can help you avoid getting sick.

Have We All Become Germaphobes?

Friday, 16 January 2015
Have We All Become Germaphobes?
How safe are hand sanitizers? Could they be stripping your defenses against sickness?
Struggling in Secret: Hidden Epidemic of Women Who Drink
Binge drinking, alcohol related ER visits, and DUI arrests among women are on the rise, yet there's still no conversation on why.

Vitamin D: The Flu-Busting Nutrient

Wednesday, 14 January 2015
Vitamin D: The Flu-Busting Nutrient
A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found children who took vitamin D were 40 percent less likely to catch the flu.