Alonso Chavarriaga

Alonso is a long-time health and wellness advocate who loves to write about it. His writing spans the scope of blogs, educational magazines, and books, both on and offline.
Can You Trust the Heart Rate & Calorie Counters on Your Cardio Equipment?
Your treadmill says you've burned 300 calories, but is that accurate?

Winter Sports for Your Child

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Winter Sports for Your Child
Whether sloshing in the snow or snowboarding, your kids' safety should come first during the cold winter months.
Are You a Food Addict? How to Evaluate Your Eating Habits
An increasing number of scientific studies suggest that food, like drugs or alcohol, can have addictive qualities.

A Sauna a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Wednesday, 10 December 2014
A Sauna a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
By using a sauna, you're sweating out the toxins in your body while boosting your immune system.
Tips & Tricks to NOT Pack on Pounds this Winter
Your couch may be looking extra comfy these days... how can you resist and keep those pounds from creeping on?
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