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Do You Need a Wake-Up Call?

Summary: Easy-to-follow tests can be invaluable to discovering the level of your healthiness.
Air Date: 5/15/14
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
Guest Bio: David Barczyk, DC
WWC-Cover-COVER-W-bleed-final version-ODavid J. Barczyk, D.C. is the Chief Executive Officer of ALL !N Wellness. Dr. Barczyk earned his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1994 from Life Chiropractic College and has a robust Chiropractic practice that includes four locations across Southern Louisiana. Dr. Barczyk has dedicated his life to living well and helping others do the same. His motivation stems from the early sickness and death of his father when he was a teenager. This experience has charged him to author a book entitled Wellness Wake-Up Call, which challenges readers to take ownership of their health. Dr. Barczyk practices what he preaches by maintaining a healthy diet and finding the time to exercise four to five days a week. He and his wife, Dr. Colleen Barczyk also motivate young people to stay fit by coaching a competitive swim team. They reside in Lafayette, LA and have two daughters that are competitive swimmers.
     Do You Need a Wake-Up Call?
    Dr. David Barczyk joins To Your Good Health Radio to share simple tests you can do at home designed to act as a potential "Wellness Wake-Up Call." 

    Whether you need to eat healthier, get more exercise, or simply change your daily habits, these easy-to-follow tests can be invaluable to discovering the level of your healthiness.  

    Dr. Barczyk also explains how you can continue on your path to stay healthy, even if you pass the tests.