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Sleep Your Fat Away

Summary: Ditch the diet pills, hours of exercise and just hit the sack. Learn how you can effectively lose weight during sleep.
Air Date: 4/23/15
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Joy Martina, PhD & Roy Martina, MD
DrRoyandJoyMartinaJOY AND ROY MARTINA are among the world's leaders in helping people get back into their power. Joy Martina, Ph.D., is a Rapid Change Coach, the creator of the Christallin Oracle Training, a master hypnotist, a trainer of trainers and a co-author of six books.

World renowned holistic medical doctor and European thought leader Roy Martina, M.D., is the creator of the Omega Healing Method and author of over 70 books (currently translated into more than 10 languages) including the international #1 bestseller, Emotional Balance (Hay House). For nearly three decades, Roy has trained over 250,000 people worldwide, including doctors, professors, therapists, coaches and managers.

Both Joy and Roy are passionate about health, longevity and fitness. They say, "We are health food lovers, exercise maniacs, happiness addicts and never go to bed angry or stressed." Together, they have co-created a groundbreaking approach to weight loss called Sleep Your Fat Away. Their comprehensive, step-by-step guidebook, entitled Sleep Your Fat Away (Morgan James), is coming to Amazon in April 2015.
Sleep Your Fat Away
Sleep Your Fat Away is a new weight loss program that works with the body’s natural sleep cycles.

According to To Your Good Health Radio guests Dr. Roy and Joy Martina, you can actually lose weight while you sleep.

RadioMD Presents: To Your Good Health Radio | Original Air Date: April 23, 2015
Host: David Friedman, ND, DC
Guests: Joy Martina, PhD & Roy Martina, MD

To Your Good Health Radio brought to you by Chews-4-Health. Here are Melanie Cole M.S. and your host Dr. David Freedman.

MELANIE: Many of you have tried the latest fad diets and exercise programs but still continue to struggle with your weight. Could the secret to slimming down be achieved while you sleep? The answer is yes according to our next guests Joy Martina and her husband Dr. Roy Martina, our renowned brain training experts and co-author of the new book, Sleep Your Fat Away. Welcome to the show Dr. Roy and Joy, Dr. David Friedman.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Hello. How are you doing guys?

JOY: Hello David, we are very well. Thank you.

DR. ROY: Good to hear your voice again.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Now we feature a lot of weight loss and exercise books on this show but your program focuses on something rarely touched on and one that I agree with whole-heartedly. Good health and weight loss begins in the subconscious mind and sleeping is the best time to tap into your brain’s power. Share with us how people can lose while they snooze.

JOY: Well, I love the way you just summarized that because that’s exactly what it’s all about. When we tackle weight loss in the normal procedure, so the way up to now we’ve been told how to tackle weight loss is we are usually told to go on some kind of diet, we are told to follow some kind of exercise regime. That might go well for a time but as soon as we hit the first bump meaning that we have something going on in our life called challenge, which we all do, we get stressed, we have life taking over, we usually hit the first bump by having to rely on what we are keeping to with willpower. So, we are trying to stick to these diets or exercise regimes with pure willpower and we all know that just does not work. So, our aim in Sleep Your Fat Away was finding something that is going to work without willpower. Something that is so easy that really literally anybody can do it by just pressing play on their smartphone. That is, I believe, what we’ve achieved with Sleep Your Fat Away. We are so delighted with the tremendous response we’ve been getting right now not only from clients trying it out – testimonials--but we’ve hit #1 on Amazon.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Congratulations.

DR. ROY: That is very great. What I would like to add is very important. We are all creatures of habit. That means that your lifestyle--your patterns--are also wired in your brain. This happens, as most of us know, because of synapsis. As soon as you want to change a habit, you want to change a lifestyle, your biggest enemy becomes your synapsis. We call them “dysfunctional synapsis”. Actually, you are fighting against the wiring of your brain. What we are doing with the sleep program is we are creating a new wiring of the brain while you sleep. Research also shows that if people want to create a new habit, you need at least 68-100 days to create a new lifestyle or new habit. Doing it while you sleep is the easiest way that we have available right now.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Dr. Roy, you talk about sleep programing. Is this a form of self-hypnosis?

DR. ROY: Self-hypnosis? We have several things people talk about. Things like maybe patient visualization, self-hypnosis and so on. Then, we have, of course, the hypnotherapy. Where there is a link is actually the brain waves. So, when we go in a relaxed state like for self-hypnosis, we are actually slowing down the brain waves. We go from an active status state to an alpha state. Many patients can even go to a theta state. When you go to sleep you naturally go from beta to alpha, theta, even to delta. We’re are using the natural sleep rhythm to actually give you the positive suggestions and the changes that you want to make in order to become like a natural slim person. So, basically, we are bringing back the connection with the body consciousness and that’s what we’ve lost in our busy society that we do not respond anymore to the signals of our body.

DR. FRIEDMAN: That makes sense. Joy, you told me something very profound during our meeting at the Writer’s Conference. You said, “Our conscious mind sleeps but our subconscious mind stays awake all night”. Share with the listeners why that is so important.

JOY: Well, as the holistic psychologist that I am, I’m always really passionate about finding out about how do us humans function, how does our brain function, how do we become these creatures of habit? Some of these habits are great and some of these are not so great. Looking at the way that our conscious mind and our subconscious mind relate to each other, we need to differentiate between these two cogs. So, we are usually very aware of our conscious minds. That’s the passiveness that is talking right now while we are having this communication. Also that passiveness that decides to go on a diet or decides to lose weight. But what we are forgetting in this equation is that we have that much larger part of ourselves, the subconscious mind and that needs to be aligned with us. In sleep programming, we are using, as Dr. Roy already said, we are using that naturally relaxed state which basically is a hypnotic state that we are all in in the nightly sleep hours. We are using that as a time where the subconscious mind is not only wide awake, as you say, but it is ready, it’s open to receive messages. You see, when we’re children our subconscious mind is wide open and we’ve take in all the information – the truths also the un-truths--that we are told by our peers, by our parents, by our teachers and we accept those as beliefs. We have those beliefs and those truths entered in our subconscious mind already from day one on. As soon as we hit puberty, our subconscious mind starts filtering through our conscious mind. Our conscious mind becomes like the gatekeeper of all the information that goes into the subconscious mind. What that means that is everything that is already in there until we hit puberty, is really anchored in the subconscious mind and that is influencing our eating habits, the way we relate to food, and the way we relate to our body. They are very much stronger than what we can possibly imagine. What we are doing in the nightly sleep programming is to help people understand for one that if you want to lose weight and you want to implement new powerful habits and healthy eating habits in your life, you need to start from the inside out. You need to get your subconscious mind on board with you. In the sleep hours, this is just the easiest way of doing it. You don’t have to go to a hypnotist. You are saving a whole lot of money on expensive specialists. You’re basically doing it yourself every single night by retraining your brain to be aligned with your weight loss goals.

DR. ROY: I would like to add to make it more visual. If you would visualize an iceberg. We all know that more or less 12% is above water and the rest is under water. The 12% above water is actually the conscious mind. So, whatever the conscious mind decides its power is only 12%. So, the subconscious mind has 88% of the power to basically steer us in a certain directions and so on. So, if the conscious decides to go to the left but your subconscious feels threatened, then the subconscious will still go to the right. So, what we are actually doing it getting the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to work as one so that the iceberg moves in the direction that you really want.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Great. In the one minute we have left reiterate is this a technique, sounds of nature, subliminal messages or just self thought patterns?

JOY: It’s everything, David. We have put everything that we know that works into the sleep program. Hypnosis, NLP, binary LP, relaxing sounds, positive suggestions, positive affirmations, you name it, anything that we found beneficial is in it.

DR. FRIEDMAN: And what keeps us from hitting that iceberg is the Titanic. We want to steer away from that in our sleep. That’s my problem. I’m like wake up, “Man, I just hit the Titanic. I’m like in that 12 percentile.”

JOY: Don’t we all know it so well.

DR. FRIEDMAN: That’s great. I do want to mention that you talk about foods in there. There’s a lot we can’t cover. We definitely have to get you back on the show. I know food has a big factor – what you eat, what you don’t eat. So, there’s a whole other area we can definitely go to. I want to thank you guys so much for being on the show. I hope people get this book, get this program. Sleep is so important. I’m such a big advocate of sleeping. It’s so much better than exercising and eating. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not losing your weight that you need to.

MELANIE: Thank you so much. To learn more about Dr. Roy and Joy Martina you can get their latest book. You can go to You can follow them on twitter @joyandroy. You can also follow our daily health tweets @drdavidfreedman. If you heard something today or you missed anything, you can listen anytime on demand or on the go at

This is Melanie Cole with Dr. David Freedman. Thanks for listening. Stay well and stay tuned.
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