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The Rainbow Juice Cleanse

Summary: The healing powers of juices and other foods have been recognized for centuries. Learn which juices are best for your health.
Air Date: 4/23/15
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Ginger Southall, DC
trjc-gingerDr. Ginger Southall has a doctorate in chiropractic and is a wellness consultant and consumer health advocate who has brought her super-nutrition message to Fortune 500 companies. She has appeared as a TV medical correspondent, has taught at theHippocrates Health Institute, and serves on the scientific advisory board for Ariix.
The Rainbow Juice Cleanse

While most juicing books include recipes for high-sugar fruit juices, guest Dr. Ginger Southall explains that most fruits can actually ruin a detox for people looking to lose weight or for anyone who has diabetes or blood-sugar issues.

She shares with you how drinking a different color each day can help cleanse your body and ensure the best possible nutrition profile, all while guaranteeing positive results.

Dr. Southall explains the science behind her new juice cleanse, The Rainbow Juice Cleanse. 


RadioMD PresentsTo Your Good Health Radio | Original Air Date: April 23, 2015
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest: Dr. Ginger Southall

To Your Good Health Radio brought to you by Choose-4-Health. Here are Melanie Cole, MS, and your host Dr. David Friedman.

MELANIE COLE: Our next guest is a chiropractic physician, wellness consultant and consumer health advocate. She’s taught at the Hypocrites Health Institute and worked with Fortune 500 companies on how to improve health through diet and nutrition. Her new book is called Rainbow Juice Cleanse: Lose Weight, Boost Energy and Supercharge Your Health. Welcome, Dr. Ginger Southall. Here’s Dr. David Friedman.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Hello. Great to have you on the show, doc.

DR. SOUTHALL: Thank you so much. I appreciate being here today to discuss the Rainbow Juice Cleanse.

DR. FRIEDMAN: You know, we need some variety of colors to the show and you’re going to do that for us. Share with the listeners. You talk about in the book something interesting that I don’t think people realize the difference between juices, smoothies and shakes. Is there one that you like better?

DR. SOUTHALL: Well, you know, I include all of them into my routine throughout the week. There are different reasons to use different ones but for everyone just in general, it’s great to kind of get the benefits of all of them.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Right. That makes sense. I know many diehard carrot juicers out there and that’s all they mix. No variety of colors of the rainbow, just orange and more orange. Share why you feel a variety of rainbow colors is so important.

DR. SOUTHALL: The phytonutrients or the phytochemicals which are the plant nutrients that really provide, honestly, some things that science hasn’t even yet to discover. We all know of certain phytochemicals and phytonutrients. Polycarotene and betacarotene in carrots being the most popular ones. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of them. We are discovering that food really can do wonders for the body. If you give your body the proper tools, it knows what to do. We either don’t consume a wide variety of nature’s foods or we kind of stick, like you were talking about, someone just sticks to their carrot juice and that’s it. So, we are not getting the wide variety that nature’s providing us. You really need to incorporate, both in foods as well as in juices and smoothies, the rainbow of colors to get everything that we were meant to get so that we can stay healthy in today’s society.

DR. FRIEDMAN: One of these folks that drinks this carrot juice so much, they are actually orange tinted. So, with your diet you aren’t going to change color of skin.

DR. SOUTHALL: No, we are going to keep a wide variety of colors that all evens out.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Something interesting in your book I want to bring out. You say, “Eat your fruits, juice your veggies.” This is interesting because my favorite smoothie is almond milk, blueberries, kale, spinach and avocado. Am I better off leaving out the blueberries?

DR. SOUTHALL: Well, here’s the thing when it comes to juices, we’ve all seen the infomercials where you stick the cucumber in one end and the fiber comes out one end and then the juice (organic nutrients) come out the other end. Therapeutically speaking, you are taking the fiber out but it’s like a shot of instant energy and instant nutrition. From a healing perspective, juices were and still are utilized with people with cancers and various diseases where their body isn’t extracting nutrients from food and they are withering away. So, this is a great boost for those people. It kind of became more mainstream with athletes. I even work with high school wrestlers and get them to juice instead of starve themselves so they get those electrolytes and nutrients. The juicing thing, you are extracting the fiber which is why I explain if you make a smoothie, it’s a whole different ballgame. You put everything in there so you are getting the fiber. People with high cholesterol, smoothies are great for them. When it comes to transitioning to a healthy diet what most people who are eating the standard American diet or the fat food/fast food unprocessed diet, what they usually migrate to is what they are addicted to. Most people are addicted to sugar and they have those comfort food cravings for fat. When they decide to eat healthy, they jump to fruit juice, lots of fruit juice and perhaps lots of nuts. That’s okay but you are really making a lateral move, you aren’t making an upward move. So I say, because of the sugar fixation issue, don’t juice your fruit because that’s just a glass of fructose and you aren’t helping your sugar fix. Eat your fruit. That way the fiber helps slow down that insulin rush. Juice your veggies because we don’t get enough nutrients from veggies and sprouts and herbs and things along those lines.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Interesting. I know the term juicing often goes hand in hand with the term cleansing. Why are those two so synonymous?

DR. SOUTHALL: Because you’re really nourishing the body from the cellular level when you juice because you are extracting out the fiber and literally it’s absorbed instantly. So, your body is getting all of these great nutrients from a cellular level and you’re cleansing the system. You’re getting it more alkaline and you’re substituting perhaps bad food for healthier food so you are cleansing the system.

DR. FRIEDMAN: Great. So, that’s real good. You know what’s funny? We clean our house, we clean our cars, we clean our boats but people don’t clean their bodies – their insides. Makes a lot of sense.

DR. SOUTHALL: We are such a toxic society. The Rainbow Juice Cleanse – there’s a full on 7-day juice cleanse in the book but there’s also a warm up phase and a rev up phase. I have people that I work with that want to jump right into the 7-day juice cleanse because they are juicers and they are into that and they like that. I have other people who have never had a juice before except for maybe a glass of pasteurized orange juice and they are not quite ready for that but they want to start eating some healthier foods and maybe play around with it a little bit. The warm up offers them that opportunity because there’s plenty of food recipes in the book as well. Then there’s the rev up phase for those who are ready to give up all the bad foods they’re eating. They eat from the food list in the book. They eat from the food recipes in the book and they pick one day a week to juice all day long utilizing the rainbow. So, there’s phases for various people out there. It’s not just a juice cleanse.

DR. FRIEDMAN: I’m glad you brought up the recipes. The one that caught my eye is the Collard Veggie Burger and I actually plan on making that this weekend. Being from up north, I never had collard greens until I came to North Carolina. I’m hooked and I love them. They are actually number one on my list for veggies. That’s what I’m going to make.

DR. SOUTHALL: That’s awesome.

DR. FRIEDMAN: For those that use the excuse that they are too busy, do your recipes require a lot of time in the kitchen or can they pretty much get in there and get a quick recipe?

DR. SOUTHALL: No, they are fairly easy to make, fairly quick to make. People even complain about not wanting to clean the juicer but if you think about it in the morning if you make eggs, bacon, toast, juice and all of that, it takes a lot longer to put all of that together, eat it and put it away than it does to whip out your juicer and make a juice to get that instant energy and those instant nutrients and real quick clean out your juicer. That excuse doesn’t work for me.

DR. FRIEDMAN: I do want to mention the endorsements that you have in this book are a who’s who in health, diet and nutrition. Many of them have been guests on our show, including Dr. Joel Firman, J.J. Virgin, Vani Hari and our very own Kim Varnuin. Quite an interesting, great fan base you have there.

DR. SOUTHALL: It was really exciting to have the support of everyone and I’m thrilled that they like the kind of twist that I put on the book. It’s not your usual juice book that’s for sure.

DR. FRIEDMAN: What’s really neat, whether you’re a vegan, paleo diet or Mediterranean diet follower, everyone seems to agree one thing – fruits and vegetables should be part of the diet. You are kind of right there where no one is going to say, “I don’t believe her.” That’s kind of interesting.

DR. SOUTHALL: It’s kind of getting back to common sense. Getting back to nature’s foods. That has to be the base of what we eat. You don’t have to be perfect but in today’s world if you aren’t getting nutrients, we’re not getting it from soil. Whenever you take a prescription or over the counter medication, your body is being depleted of nutrients. We have to get back to the basics and start eating some real food and getting that nourishment on a cellular level.

DR. FRIEDMAN: In the minute we have left, there are so many gadgets, blenders, juicers on the market do they all work or is there one that you give the thumbs up to

DR. SOUTHALL: For most people who are starting this, I don’t want it to be an expensive venture so I say pick something that you can afford that you will use. As you get more into it – you buy a real cheap juicer the motor is going to burn out because you use it so much. So, you’ll want to advance as you’re health and knowledge advances but buy something that you can afford so you can get one. Buy something that you will use.

DR. FRIEDMAN: And that you have room for. Some of these I’ve seen are just huge and heavy. Great information, doc. Thanks so much for being on the show.

DR. SOUTHALL: Thanks for having me.

MELANIE COLE: Thanks so much, Dr. Ginger. Always a pleasure. To get the latest book, Rainbow Juice Cleanse, learn how to detoxify your body and lose up to 7 pounds in just 7 days go to the and also check out our website Follower her on twitter @thedrginger. It’s all Dr. Ginger, it’s pretty easy to remember.

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This is Melanie Cole with Dr. David Friedman. Thanks for listening. Stay well and stay tuned.
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