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All About Inflammation

Summary: Inflammation is everywhere... you see warnings about it on the news, in books, and hopefully at your doctor's office.
Air Date: 11/19/15
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: William Sears, MD
William-SearsWilliam Sears, M.D., is one of America’s most trusted physicians. He has served as clinical associate professor at the University of Toronto, University of Southern California, University of Southern California School of Medicine, and University of California, Irvine. Together with his wife, Martha Sears, RN, Dr. Sears has written 42 books on parenting, family health, and healthy aging. His website is one of the most popular health and parenting sites. His contribution to family health was feature on the cover of TIME Magazine in May 2012. He practices and lives with his family in Southern California.
  • Book Title: The Inflammation Solution: When Everything Works and Nothing Hurts
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @AskDoctorSears
All About Inflammation
Inflammation is everywhere... you see warnings about it on the news, in books, and hopefully at your doctor's office.

One doctor who has been researching the problem of inflammation for a great while now is Dr. William Sears, who has authored the tremendous resource, The Inflammation Solution: When Everything Works and Nothing Hurts.

Dr. Sears has identified ways to control your inflammation and stave off the negative effects, particularly in your brain.

He recommends his "6-S Anti-inflammatory Diet," which includes the following:
  • Seafood: Preferably wild salmon. Seafood is a top anti-inflammatory source because of the omega-3 fish oils, which benefit your brain, heart, gut, and joints. The pink color of salmon also contains the antioxidant, astaxanthin, which some experts call the "world's best antioxidant."
  • Smoothies: A shake a day keeps inflammation away. The more colorful fruit and vegetables you include, the better (blueberries, kale, etc.).
  • Salads: Put more color on your plate... dark leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado, and don't forget the salmon!
  • Spices: Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper all have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Snacking: Make sure you follow Dr. Sears' "rule of two." Eat twice as often, eat half as much, chew twice as long. When you graze, you avoid spikes in blood sugar and inflammation.
  • Supplements: If you can't get all of your nutrients in food form, you need to supplement the ones you're missing.
Listen in as Dr. Sears joins Dr. Friedman to explain why inflammation is so dangerous, as well as simple, effective ways to get it under control.