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Healthy Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker

Summary: Jules Aron shares her unique skills as a New York mixologist; ones that earned her the title of “The Healthy Bartender.”
Air Date: 4/21/16
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Jules Aron, Mixologist & Beverage Consultant
Jules AronJules Aron is a mixologist, beverage consultant, and green lifestyle expert. For over two decades she has been tending bar at some of Manhattan's finest dining establishments, hot spot nightclubs, swanky rooftop bars, and favorite happy hour spots.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a background in fitness, yoga, and qigong, she is an avid wellness ambassador, deeply passionate about a healthy, wholesome lifestyle that includes delicious, nutritious foods that fuel the body, mind and spirit(s).

She is the author of the newly released book, Zen and Tonic, which features savory and fresh cocktails for the enlightened drinker.
  • Book Title: Zen and Tonic
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @julesaron
Healthy Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker

A delicious cocktail is the perfect way to unwind... until you see the calorie count.

Your favorite drinks can contain syrups, sugary mixers, and a variety of diet no-nos.

Healthy cocktails might seem like an oxymoron, but even those of us passionate about health and wellness choose to enjoy happy hour from time to time.

And, for those choosing to indulge, finding healthier, organic cocktails is equally important as choosing healthy, organic foods.

Listen in as Jules Aron joins Dr. Friedman to discuss creating delicious cocktails using ingredients you can find in your own backyard, windowsill, or local farmer’s market.

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