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Live Long, Die Short

Summary: Preventive medicine physician and award winning author, Dr. Roger Landry, joins Dr. Friedman to discuss his new book, Live Long, Die Short.
Air Date: 4/21/16
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Roger Landry, MD, MPH
Roger LandryDr. Roger Landry, MD, MPH is currently the President of Masterpiece Living. He received his MD at Tufts University School of Medicine and his MPH (Masters in Public Health) at Harvard University School of Public Health. He is a retired, highly-decorated full colonel, former chief flight surgeon at the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office in Washington, preventive medicine physician who has spent over a decade smashing stereotypes of aging, and redefining the possibilities of older adulthood.

Dr. Landry’s book, Live Long, Die Short, has received numerous awards including top pick for health/wellness by MORE magazine and AARP. He has been featured nationally and internationally on radio and TV with NBC, FOX News, ABC and CBS as well as BBC and 2GB radio. He has written exclusive articles, and been called on as an expert in the field of aging, by publications such as US News and World Report, LA Daily News, Esquire, Huffington Post UK/Canada, –Assisted Living, Expert Beacon and eHow and makes regular appearances on Growing Bolder. He is also regularly featured in GRAND Magazine, Senior Planet, Journal of Aging and Health, Denver Post and ThirdAge.
  • Book Title: Live Long, Die Short
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @livlongdieshort
Live Long, Die Short

In Live Long, Die Short, Dr. Roger Landry gives the reader an opportunity to take a snapshot of his or her own current lifestyle, then provides feedback which can guide the reader to what he calls “authentic health” or the “state of genuine vitality consistent with our human origins and individual nature.”

Authentic health gives you resilience and strength that is achieved by paying special attention to components that make you human.

By remaining socially, spiritually, physically and intellectually engaged with life, you can experience authentic health.

Listen in as Dr. Roger joins Dr. Friedman in this eye-opening interview.