Battling Chronic Disease

Summary: Couples can become mutually supportive to fight and prevent obesity-related diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke and cancers.
Air Date: 8/3/13
Duration: 60
Host: Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Robert D. Slay, MD
Dr. Robert D. Slay MD, Chief ER Physician for Marina del Rey Hospital in California, has written scripts for and starred in the Discovery Health Channel's hit reality based medical TV series, Untold Stories of the ER. He has been featured on the series more than any other physician and has also appeared in the hit TV Series Myth Busters & ManAnswers. He is also the author of The Battle Buddy Diet, which he wrote with his physician wife. The book can now be ordered on Amazon.
Battling Chronic Disease
As an emergency room physician, Robert D. Slay, MD, has treated many people with serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

Along the way he's also been frustrated to see people suffer with illnesses that are often preventable. When Dr. Slay and his wife, a fellow physician, realized they were fighting their own battle against belly fat and impending chronic disease, they joined forces to write their book, The Battle Buddy Diet.

Couples can become supportive "Battle Buddies" to fight and prevent many obesity-related diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke and cancers.

Dr. Slay shares amazing stories from the ER, as well as the personal and professional experiences that led this husband-wife team to write their life-changing book.

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