Mosquito Repellents that Really Work

Summary: Scammers are playing on the Zika fear by promising high hopes with bogus bug repellents.
Air Date: 8/13/16
Duration: 20
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: David P. Willis
David-WillisDavid P. Willis is the consumer advocate reporter at the Asbury Park Press, a daily newspaper in New Jersey.  He writes the "Press On Your Side" column.  

A journalist for 25 years, David specializes in simplifying complex facts and figures and trends to help readers understand what is happening around them and make decisions that can better their lives. David’s goal is to write and report worthwhile stories for readers in print or on the web.
Mosquito Repellents that Really Work
Summertime means bug bites, and the spread of the Zika virus in the U.S is causing extra worry this year.

Unfortunately, scammers are playing on that fear by promising high hopes with bogus bug repellents.

How can you tell which products are effective and which are phony? Do those wristbands really keep mosquitoes from biting your legs? How much DEET is safe and still works best? How about citronella candles versus yard treatments or fogs?

In this segment, Dr. Roizen speaks with journalist David P. Willis about the mosquito repellents proven to be safe and effective. Get the simple tips that can help you avoid mosquitoes and the Zika virus.

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