EP 838 When Drugs Aren't Necessary

Summary: While medication can be life-saving, are we too dependent on drugs?
Air Date: 5/16/17
Duration: 16:17
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Andrew Weil, MD
Andrew-WeilAndrew Weil, MD, is the author of numerous bestselling books, including Spontaneous Happiness, Spontaneous Healing, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, and Healthy Aging.

A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, he is professor of public health, clinical professor of medicine, and the Lovell-Jones Professor of Integrative Rheumatology at the University of Arizona, as well as director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

He is also the editorial director of, the leading Web resource for healthy living based on the philosophy of integrative medicine.

He authors the popular "Self-Healing" newsletter, columns for Prevention magazine, and is a frequent guest on numerous national talk shows.

He lives in Arizona.
  • Book Title: MIND OVER MEDS: Know When Drugs are Necessary, When Alternatives are Better-and When to Let Your Body Heal on It’s Own
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @DrWeil
EP 838 When Drugs Aren't Necessary
Nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug, and since the 1950s, prescription drug use has increased tenfold.

While medication can be life-saving, are we too dependent on drugs?

Dr. Andrew Weil explores this question in his book, Mind Over Meds: Know When Drugs Are Necessary, When Alternatives Are Better and When to Let Your Body Heal on Its Own.

Weil points out the dangers of side effects and dependency while offering alternative treatments, such as diet and lifestyle changes, botanical remedies, acupuncture and more.

Listen in to find out when medicine is necessary (and when it is not) to treat such common issues as high blood pressure, allergies, depression and the common cold.
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