EP 913 News of the Week

Summary: Every week, Dr. Roizen discusses the latest health headlines YOU need to know.
Air Date: 10/23/18
Duration: 15:55
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
EP 913 News of the Week
In this episode, Dr. Roizen talks about the latest health headlines that YOU need to know.

  • Pet store puppies linked to drug-resistant infections in humans. 
  • Older people with more friends do a lot better with preventative health habits.
  • Kids' brain power is tied to exercise, sleep and limited screen time.
  • Excess pounds leads to a leaky bladder in women. Losing weight reverses the issue.
  • Genetic cancer risk and why many people aren't aware.
  • The number of babies born with syphilis has doubled since 2013.
  • Plus so much MORE...