EP 978 News of the Week

Summary: Every week, Dr. Roizen discusses the latest health headlines YOU need to know.
Air Date: 2/4/20
Duration: 12:42
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
EP 978 News of the Week
In this episode, Dr. Roizen talks about the latest health headlines that YOU need to know.
  • Seniors who eat a lot of red meat and processed red meat may have a higher risk of vision loss.
  • Intermittent fasting/time restricted eating improves overall health.
  • TV and smartphone screens may send toxins into your home.
  • Exercise intervention in hospitalized patients resulted in faster discharge and lower risk of chronic disease recurrence.
  • Regular exercise is linked to a lower risk in seven different cancers.
  • Sinus infections that don't quit -- when should you worry?
  • PLUS so much more...
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