EP 981B - Raising an Aging Parent

Summary: When it is time for your elderly parent to stop driving? Move out of the home? See a doctor? Learn how to help them adjust to some of life’s unwelcome changes.
Air Date: 3/3/20
Duration: 17:01
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Ken Druck, PhD
Ken Druck's pioneering work over the past 40 years, encapsulated under the heading, Courageous Living, has included Executive Coaching/Consulting, Visionary Leadership, The Psychology of Men, Parent Effectiveness, Healing After Loss, Resilience and, most recently, Courageous Aging. Featured regularly in national and international news, including The Wall Street Journal, Thrive Global, CNN, Huff Post and the NY Times, "Dr. Ken" has shaped our world view of what it means to live honorably, courageously, purposefully and fully.

Recipient of the "Distinguished Contribution to Psychology" and "Visionary Leadership" awards for his community service and lifetime achievements, Dr. Druck is widely recognized as a lifeline to the countless thousands of individuals, families, communities and organizations he's helped. His body of work, including the founding of The Jenna Druck Center to honor the life and spirit of his daughter, Jenna, set a new standard of care and healing following tragedies like 9-11, Columbine, Katrina and Sandy Hook.

Today, Dr. Druck lives and maintains a small coaching and consulting practice on the ocean in Del Mar, California, writing and speaking prolifically on subjects he loves, working on community service and civility projects and enjoying the quiet beauty of life.
  • Book Title: Raising an Aging Parent
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @KenDruck
EP 981B - Raising an Aging Parent
Dr. Ken Druck, author of the new book, Raising an Aging Parent, joins Dr. Roizen to discuss how to tell when it is time for your elderly parent to stop driving, move out of the family home, see a doctor, and adjust to some of life’s unwelcome changes.

He gives families tips for lovingly helping their aging loved ones adjust to a new normal as they lose some of their independence and re-imagine their best possible futures.

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