EP 987B - Colostrum to Increase Immune Function

Summary: While human colostrum plays a vital role for newborns, bovine colostrum or the first milk from dairy cows, has demonstrated benefits for human applications beyond the first few days of life.
Air Date: 4/14/20
Duration: 20:48
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: George Stagnitti, Executive Vice President of PanTheryx, Inc.
Mr. George Stagnitti brings over 35 years of experience in nutritional and medical food products, with expertise in business and new product innovation, licensing, commercialization and mergers and acquisitions. At PanTheryx his focus is advancing the health benefits of bovine colostrum through innovation and integrating technology with commercial opportunities and consumer needs.

Prior to joining Pantheryx, Inc., he was Vice President, Nutrition with Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI). At SGI, Mr. Stagnitti was responsible for leading and directing all aspects of the company's product and commercial development efforts for the Nutritional Products Group. While with SGI, Stagnitti led the team to achieving aggressive technical milestones and developing new innovations while establishing strategic collaborations and commercial partnerships with leading industry players and Consumer Product Goods companies.

Mr. Stagnitti also served as Vice President with Efficas, Inc., where he was responsible for negotiating licensing and distribution deals, as well as managing key commercial partnerships. Mr. Stagnitti had oversight for the company’s market launch strategies and tactics. He also directed the company’s innovation efforts, which resulted in Efficas’ first commercial prescription medical food product.

Prior to Efficas, Inc. Mr. Stagnitti was Director, Food and Beverage for Martek Biosciences Corporation, where he was responsible for product and application development of their proprietary algal based DHA Omega-3. Mr. Stagnitti successfully developed food and beverage products with exceptional consumer acceptance and introduced DHA fortified food and beverage products to consumer product goods companies, pioneering a significant market opportunity for the company. Prior to Martek Biosciences, Mr. Stagnitti was the Director of Product Applications with OmegaTech, Inc., a biotechnology company. OmegaTech also focused on the development of fermentation derived Omega-3 fatty acid ingredients for food and beverage applications. Mr. Stagnitti directed the technical team responsible for developing uniquely stable fortified nutritional food and beverage prototype products enabling commercial development with food and beverage partners.

Mr. Stagnitti was responsible for the Strategic Flavor Business Unit within Danisco, where he managed and improved profitability of an $80mm flavor business. He headed acquisition integration, new business development, planning and innovation for the North America.

Mr. Stagnitti led Technical Service for Pfizer Food Science (Acquired by Cultor Food Science. Mr. Stagnitti was head of the Technical Service and Application Group for Pfizer’s Nutrition & Food Science Group, where he focused on integrating a diverse range of commercially focused technical applications along with food, flavor and sensory science technologies for the company’s nutritional and functional food ingredients.

Mr. Stagnitti holds a BS in Food Science from the University of Maryland, a MS in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and business studies in the management of technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
EP 987B - Colostrum to Increase Immune Function
Milk is the natural diet for all neonatal mammals, and the very first milk provided by the mother is called colostrum. It has especially high amounts of bioactive compounds compared to mature milk to give the newborn the best possible start to life.

The majority of the bioactive components in colostrum reach their maximum concentration within the first 24-48 hours after birth. These bioactives play a crucial role in the final development and maturation of the gastrointestinal tract and immune system in the newborn.

While human colostrum plays a vital role for newborns, bovine colostrum or the first milk from dairy cows, has demonstrated benefits for human applications beyond the first few days of life.

PanTheryx, Inc. is pioneering the science of colostrum for a broad range of applications, including foods for special dietary use, medical foods, and biologics.

George Stagnitti, Executive Vice President of PanTheryx, Inc., joins Dr. Roizen to explain more about colostrum and its use in human health.

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