EP 996B - Using Nature As An Educational Tool


Nobody knows your yard better than your dog - that is the mission behind The TurfMutt Foundation.


Air Date: 6/16/20
Duration: 24:16
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Kris Kiser

Kris Kiser, an attorney, is President and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc. (OPEI) and OPEI-Canada (OPEIC), Managing Partner of GIE+EXPO, and President of The TurfMutt Foundation.

OPEI is an international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of power equipment, small engines and battery power, utility and personal transport vehicles, and golf cars. OPEI is managing partner of the annual international landscape, outdoor living and equipment exposition, GIE+EXPO, the 9th largest trade show in the United States. Prior to joining OPEI, Kris served for 14 years in senior management at two major, Washington, D.C. trade associations representing the automobile manufacturing and forest products industries. He was Vice President, State, and International Affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Vice President, Governmental Affairs for the American Forest & Paper Association. Before joining the private sector Kris worked a decade for noted international affairs expert and former Congressman Lee H. Hamilton. Hamilton served as Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Joint Economic Committee and the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was a member of the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council, Chairman of the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran, and Vice-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission. Kris was Special Assistant in the Congressman’s personal office and two years as the chief administrative staffer (AA) with the Joint Economic Committee during Hamilton’s Chairmanship of the Committee.

Kris is a passionate advocate for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, especially dogs, and is a long-time supporter of fostering and adopting animals. Lucky the TurfMutt and Mutt Mulligan, spokesdogs of the TurfMutt Foundation, were rescue dogs that belonged to Kris. The current spokesdog, Mulligan, was adopted by Kris from Lucky’s Mutt Madness, a national pet adoption event that takes place at GIE+EXPO in partnership with the Kentucky Humane Society. The pet adoption event was named after Lucky, the first TurfMutt and founding inspiration of the TurfMutt program.

Instagram: @beliketurfmutt

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EP 996B - Using Nature As An Educational Tool

Nobody knows your yard better than your dog - that the mission behind The TurfMutt Foundation.

President of the TurfMutt Foundation and says nature starts at your backdoor - whether that opens to a city street, a fenced-in backyard, or a sprawling desert. 

CEO of The TurfMutt Foundation Kris Kiser and a special guest (his dog Mulligan) join Dr. Roizen to talk about the value of the outdoors and using nature as an educational tool. 

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