EP 1,010B - Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Yourself in Someone Else

Air Date: 9/22/20
Duration: 20:57
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Nancy L. Johnston
Nancy L. Johnston is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner in private practice in Lexington, VA, USA treating adolescents and adults. She is a Diplomate and a Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders Counseling through the American Mental Health Counselors Association and a Master Addiction Counselor. She earned a BA in Psychology at the College of William and Mary and an MS in Counseling Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Nancy has practiced mental health and addiction counseling for 43 years. She has worked in public and private psychiatric hospitals, juvenile corrections, public mental health, colleges, and private practice.
  • Book Title: Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Yourself in Someone Else
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @disentanglebook
EP 1,010B - Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Yourself in Someone Else

Anyone who has struggled with balancing his or her own needs and desires with those of the "other" person will benefit from Nancy Johnston's sensible, easy-to-follow method for changing the course of one's relationships.

Disentangle combines psychoeducation, personal anecdotes, clinical case vignettes, and skills-building exercises. Johnston describes how to turn this self-destructive cycle around with self-assessments and experiential exercises designed to address essential aspects of self-awareness, distortions in thinking, communication style and tools, and spirituality.

"Disentangling" is the process of creating enough emotional space between oneself and another person in order to better see the realities of any relationship and make healthier conscious decisions about it. 

She talks with Dr. Roizen this episode about how she came to write the book, who this book is for, and how to disentangle if necessary. 

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