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Therapeutic Art

From the Show: Life's Too Short
Summary: Therapeutic art is helpful for those with cognitive decline.
Air Date: 1/3/17
Duration: 15:02
Guest Bio: Fabiana Glazer
Fabiana GlazerFabiana Glazer, founder and Director of GoldMind Arts, is an experienced professional who has been working in the field of arts and aging as a volunteer, professional teaching artist, and program director since 1998.

After the National Endowment for the Arts sponsored the “Arts and Aging” training hosted by the Creative Center in November 2011, GoldMind was created to further promote the use of the arts for this population.

Current programs are at various senior centers in the city of Chicago, the University of Chicago Medical Center, and the School of the Art Institute’s graduate program.
Therapeutic art is a fantastic treatment option for dementia. 

The part of the brain that controls inhibition declines early in dementia. Without inhibition, patients are willing to create regardless of prior art training.

Memory is not necessary to create art. Those with dementia have short-term memory loss. They aren’t distracted and are very "in the moment" when creating art.

Therapeutic art is a tool to fill time, focus and communicate. Art therapy is a means to an end. When implemented, it looks a lot like an art class.

The technique is also great for addressing common cultural history. These common themes provoke conversation from the long-term memory.

You can never be wrong in creating art. Different materials are used to find what sparks creativity for the individual.

Patient-created art can be used to decorate a dementia care facility. It makes things less dreary and prompts conversation. Sometimes, patients have art exhibits. They may also choose to gift their artwork.

Listen in as Fabiana Glazer shares how therapeutic art helps those with cognitive decline.

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