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Ep28 - Be More Mindful & Slow Down: Shannon Leavitt

From the Show: Which Way is Life
Summary: How to get healthy and lose weight with yoga, how to be more mindful, and the importance of slowing down with certified personal trainer and author Shannon Leavitt.
Air Date: 1/16/17
Duration: 22:05
Host: Bill Klaproth
Guest Bio: Shannon Leavitt, Founder of Yogalift
Shannon LeavittBased in Minneapolis, Shannon Leavitt, MS, RD, is the founder of Yogalift®, a holistic wellness program and author of Learn to be Lean: A Yoga-Based Approach to Healthy Weight Loss.

She is a licensed dietitian, hatha yoga instructor, NASM-certified personal trainer and a professional health coach with a certificate from the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

    High Five Highlights:

    • How can we be more mindful everyday? Intend to! Make an intention every morning to be more mindful.
    • What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given? Let go of the outcome and focus on your action.
    • Favorite fitness gadget or app: I am not into gadgets, that is not the way for me.
    • Do you have a favorite quote you can share? “We suffer because we are living at a distance from our depth, it’s as simple as that. The more our souls our infused with the being, the better we feel and the better life seems to us no matter what your circumstances happen to be.”
    • What is your favorite yoga pose: The Bow.

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