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Ep55 - Rosé Revolution: Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

From the Show: Which Way is Life
Summary: The rosé revolution is on, all about the wine world’s hottest, friendliest new trend with Master of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan.
Air Date: 4/24/17
Duration: 29:17
Host: Bill Klaproth
Guest Bio: Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Master of Wine
Jennifer-Simonetti-BryanJennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW, is the fourth woman in America to qualify as a master of wine, the world’s top wine credential. She won the 2008 Tasting Trophy from the Institute of Masters of Wine and is the author of The One Minute Wine Master (Sterling Epicure). She serves as a judge in major wine and spirits competitions worldwide and has trained thousands of professionals in the hospitality industry. She has appeared on TV (Today ShowThe Anderson Cooper ShowFox & FriendsFox Business,Fox News, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS, and NBC); on the radio (Sirius XM, Martha Stewart, Bloomberg); and in print (FortuneBusinessweekGothamOprah, Reuters, and Wine Enthusiast). She lives in Los Angeles.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why the rosé revolution is on.
  • How rosé is a great entry for wine beginners.
  • How rosé differs from blush wine.
  • Pairing tips for rosé.
  • Suggestions on which rosé wines to try first.
  • More from her book Rosé Wine: The Guide to Drinking Pink.

High Five Highlights:

  • What fueled your passion for wine and when did you know you wanted to make wine your career? A food pairing lunch when I was in investment banking blew me away. I thought, someone back there didn’t just throw this together, they made a conscious decision. That was it and I never looked back.
  • In general, how can we get more enjoyment out of wine? By being experimental. Try going to a wine tasting or hold a wine party.
  • What question do you get asked the most? Are you a sommelier? I am not. A sommelier works in a restaurant, which I do not.  
  • When you were awarded the qualification of Master of Wine, what did you celebrate with that night? I was notified at 6am in the morning and I couldn’t even call anybody, so I had tea actually. Champagne later.  
  • "Finish this sentence: “Throughout my life the most important thing I’ve learned is...” Love covers everyone’s faults, have empathy.

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