EP 27 - Changing the Way We Treat Pain

Summary: Learn how you can safely take charge of your pain and live pain-free.
Air Date: 2/21/18
Duration: 31:21
Guest Bio: Lou Paradise, President of Topical BioMedics
Lou-ParadiseLou Paradise is President, Chief of research and one of the founders of Topical BioMedics, the makers of the Topricin line of healing products. Lou is an accomplished natural medicines researcher, with over four decades of experimenting with a select combination of homeopathic biomedicines to support the treatment of pain through the healing process, creating solutions that work on cellular level so to effectively address treating the cells causing pain. Mr. Paradise's enthusiasm, in-sight, and perseverance during a seven-year development phase to refine his biomedicines formulation, first to treat his combat injuries, led to the company's breakthrough patented pain relief and healing product, Topricin®, in 1993.

Lou is a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran, and part of his motivation for his research was to find a healing solution for the typical trauma injuries he and other veterans suffer, and in his case as a result of the physical demands of serving two tours of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter combat/rescue crew member. Lou’s new mission; fighting a war against two old enemies; pain and side effects, especially the devastating effect the addiction epidemic of Rx opioids is having on our society. Destroying lives and turning the lives of families from every walk of life upside down. Lou indicates, “Millions of Americans are at risk, because in addition to opioids we have an over-medicated society that will continue to keep us a prisoner of a sick care versus sustainable healthcare model.” Lou is determine to draw a community of advocates together so to win the battles we need to in order to win this war. And we will with dedicated commitment, perseverance and superior innovative tools.

Lou frequently serves as an expert speaker on the use of natural medicines and the creation of sustainable healthcare models, nationally on syndicated radio shows, and conducts pain management seminars and webinars for audiences throughout the US. Lou has participated in addressing compliance issues related to natural medicines with federal agencies, and regularly speaks to clinical audiences on the use of the company's proprietary technologies in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and trauma injury as a compliment to primary caregivers. Lou’s work in this area is helping change how doctors diagnose, and treat pain. This has led to advancements in treatment protocols, a reduction in Rx and all other pain meds being dispensed, resulting in improved patient centered outcomes, and restoring hope and quality of life for everyone using Topricin that was suffering from pain. Lou believes it is the birthright of every person on earth to live a joyous celebration of life, doing what you love with the people you love.

Lou’s work at Topical BioMedics: Healing the Ultimate form of Pain Relief:
Topical BioMedics, Inc was founded in 1993 and is a research and development leader in transdermal application of pa-tented pain relief and healing products. Lou’s work and formulation designs focuses on supporting the physiological healing process as it relates to the musculoskeletal system—joints, tendons, bursa, ligaments, muscles and nerve tissue. Various formulations came about to address various challenges for specific ailments, skin types, age groups, so to provide safe effective choices for everyone suffering. Lou also formulates based on the challenges that face conventional and complementary practitioner communities in treating patients, so to create compelling approaches for debilitating disorders such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, lower back pain, as well as diabetic/chemo-induced neuropathy. This platform supports the doc-tor patient relationship, and an active healthy robust lifestyle. This includes treating and preventing sports/work-related repetitive motion and cumulative trauma injuries. Among other factors that company’s products are known to reduce need/dependency for all classes of OTC and Rx pain pills including opioids. 21st century relief provided by Topricin products prove: Healing is the ultimate form of relieving pain!
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EP 27 - Changing the Way We Treat Pain
The "opioid epidemic" is a very real issue. 

The most recent statistics come from 2016, where more than 42,000 people perished -- more than any year on record. These stats also reveal that 40% of all opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid.

Lou Paradise, President, Chief of Research and one of the founders of Topical BioMedics, the makers of the Topricin line of healing products, is working to change the way pain is treated. 

The company's mission is to relieve pain and restore quality of life, safely and with no side effects. Products are formulated without parabens, petroleum or other harmful ingredients. 

Listen as Lou joins host Dr. Bond to explain the evolution of the company, how products are changing individuals' lives, and how you can take charge of your pain and live pain-free.

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