A Conversation with Tracy Murray, Part 2

From the Show: Your Brain Health
Summary: Tracy Murray, retired NBA player, continues his conversation with Dr. Willeumier about mental health and his own personal struggles with depression.
Air Date: 2/7/19
Duration: 20:06
Host: Kristen Willeumier, PhD
Guest Bio: Tracy Murray, Former NBA Star
Tracy Murray is a retired professional basketball player who currently works as an analyst with the UCLA Sports Network for all of the games during the UCLA Bruins' basketball season. He worked as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the 2015–16 NBA season. Murray played 12 years in the NBA with the Spurs, Blazers, Bucks, Rockets, Wizards, Nuggets, Raptors and Lakers and won an NBA championship in 1995 with the Rockets. He has also been a coach in the NBA D League, WNBA and Assistant Coach for the Lakers. He has been a vocal advocate for mental health and has come out publicly with his struggles with depression.
  • Guest Twitter Account: @RealTracyMurray
A Conversation with Tracy Murray, Part 2
In Part 2 of his conversation with neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier, Tracy Murray dives even further into his bouts with depression, how he confronted his depression, and how he works with others to encourage them to have no fears or negative feelings when it comes to their mental health.

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